Invest with Confidence in the Strength of Royal Oak Realty Trust

The oak tree. One of the most majestic trees in the world. A symbol of strength and confidence. The same characteristics that define Royal Oak Realty Trust – a private, non-traded industrial-focused REIT that invests in "mission critical," single tenant, net leased commercial facilities in growing US markets. A strong investment opportunity which, since inception, has confidently, and consistently, delivered successful returns to stockholders.

Our Investment Success

Annual Dividend Target

2023 Taxability**

Total Return Since Inception*

Compound Annual Growth Rate*

*As of March 2024. Assumes reinvested dividends since March 2014 inception.
**For income tax reporting via form 1099, real estate investments benefit from certain non-cash tax deductible expenses (i.e. depreciation). As a result of these deductions, Royal Oak’s dividend is comprised of taxable income and return of capital (tax deferred).

Our REIT Portfolio

Oak Leaf
Oak Leaf
  • 69 Investments
  • 23 States
  • 7.4 Million Square Feet
  • $51.9 Million Annual Rental Income
  • 100% Annual Occupancy
  • $800 Million Total Capitalization
  • 2.0% Annual Rental Increases

Featured Property

Minneapolis, MN
195,810 sq. ft.

A transaction in late 2021, Royal Oak owns the manufacturing and warehousing facility of this industry-leading designer, manufacturer, and assembler of cab components and assemblies for a wide range of original equipment manufacturing customers.. The building was originally a built-to-suit for Sportech in 2016, with a major expansion in 2021 to meet the company’s rapidly growing customer demand.

Monetizing Your Real Estate. Building Shareholder Value.

The ability of Royal Oak to provide a great return on investment to shareholders is largely the result of the acquisition of high quality, industrial, single-tenant properties that can provide clear, consistent cash flow through net lease agreements.

If you are considering monetizing your real estate, Royal Oak is always looking to partner with business owners and their real estate brokers to help facilitate to purchase of real estate. A sale-leaseback, UPREIT, and joint venture are just a few creative ways that Royal Oak can help businesses monetize real estate to reinvest in and grow their business. These transactions build value for Royal Oak shareholders.

Important News

Riddell Sports Group, Inc.

April 17, 2024

Royal Oak Realty Trust (“Royal Oak”) is pleased to announce the completion of our latest acquisition.

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SMT, Inc.

April 4, 2024

Royal Oak Realty Trust (“Royal Oak”) is pleased to announce the completion of our latest acquisition.

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March 19, 2024

Royal Oak Realty Trust (“Royal Oak”) is pleased to announce the completion of our latest acquisition.

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Royal Oak Realty Trust Announces Favorable Tax Treatment of 2023 Dividends

January 23, 2024

Royal Oak Realty Trust (Royal Oak) announces tax treatment for 2023 dividends paid.

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Royal Oak Announces Recent Hire

January 17, 2024

Cambridge Street Asset Management, LLC (“Cambridge Street”), the asset and property manager for Royal Oak Realty Trust (“Royal Oak”) is excited to announce the following promotion.

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Royal Oak Exceeds Unit Offering Investment Program Goal

December 19, 2023

Royal Oak raises $54.2 million of equity from Unit Offering investment program, exceeds $50 million goal!

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