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Oak Leaf

Performance. Portfolio. Predictability. People.

Royal Oak Realty Trust Inc. ("Royal Oak") was established in 2013, as a private, non-traded Real Estate Investment Trust ("REIT").

The Royal Oak business strategy is driven by performance and predictability: maintain a diversified real estate portfolio comprised of “mission-critical” industrial and general office properties, net leased to credit-worthy tenants operating under long-term lease contracts.

The clear and consistent cash flow stream derived from the net-leased and mission critical characteristics of these real estate investments ensures we continue to generate strong investment returns for our shareholders. The net cash flows remaining after payment of the Company's obligations fund monthly dividend payments to shareholders, as declared by the Board of Directors.

Our relationships within regional and national commercial real estate markets allows us to gain traction on acquisition opportunities across the United States. Royal Oak values “win-win” acquisition opportunities that instill confidence in brokers and sellers that our transactions will close efficiently and as scheduled.  We continuously work to enhance and expand our diversified portfolio through each new acquisition to benefit Royal Oak shareholders.