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Royal Oak Realty Trust Inc. ("Royal Oak") was established in 2013, as a private, non-traded Real Estate Investment Trust ("REIT").

The Royal Oak business strategy is driven by performance and predictability: maintain a diversified real estate portfolio comprised of “mission-critical” industrial and general office properties, net leased to credit-worthy tenants operating under long-term lease contracts.

The clear and consistent cash flow stream derived from the net-leased and mission critical characteristics of these real estate investments ensures we continue to generate strong investment returns for our shareholders. The net cash flows remaining after payment of the Company's obligations fund monthly dividend payments to shareholders, as declared by the Board of Directors.

Our relationships within regional and national commercial real estate markets allows us to gain traction on acquisition opportunities across the United States. Royal Oak values “win-win” acquisition opportunities that instill confidence in brokers and sellers that our transactions will close efficiently and as scheduled.  We continuously work to enhance and expand our diversified portfolio through each new acquisition to benefit Royal Oak shareholders.

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Our Model

A Model Built to Provide Investment Strength, Consistent Returns and Investor Confidence

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Stabilized Properties

Royal Oak Realty Trust invests in “mission critical” industrial and office real estate properties – properties that are "mission critical" to the tenants business operations. This investment strategy increases the probability of lease extensions and renewals, minimizing the risk of tenant relocation. Acquired properties are “stabilized” in that they are fully occupied on the date of Royal Oak's acquisition, by credit-worthy tenants under long-term lease contracts with a minimum term of eight years.

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Net Leases

Tenants are responsible for the costs of operating and maintaining their facilities, leaving rents “net” to the REIT. Clear and predictable cash flows are more likely when operating costs are paid by the tenant. The net lease concept ensures that cost fluctuations do not impact the cash flow to Royal Oak.

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Diversified Portfolio

Our portfolio is comprised of properties with geographic, credit and industry diversification. Royal Oak uses a proprietary risk rating model that derives scoring for each existing and prospective investment. Our risk rating model evaluates the tenant profile, the underlying real estate market, and the characteristics of the real estate to be acquired. This model allows our team to compare and contrast the merits of each investment in the aggregate and within each of these three critical categories.

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Independent Governance

Critical to our success is the oversight and experience provided by a strong and fully engaged Board of Directors, including our Independent Directors Committee. Additional independent counsel and guidance is provided by the members of our Asset Acquisition Committee and Investor Relations Committee. Each plays a key role in the continued success of Royal Oak.

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Consistent Returns

Our shareholders own a piece of a private, stable, diversified, net-leased portfolio. The stable cash flow stream derived from this portfolio of properties – through the net-lease strategy and “mission critical” nature of these facilities – helps ensure the generation of predictable, strong and consistent investment returns for our shareholders. This has resulted in our ability to meet, since inception, our annual dividend targets. Dividends, as declared, are paid monthly to our shareholders.

Leadership Team

Our highly experienced Executive Management Team fuels the strong performance of Royal Oak. All team members have been critical contributors to both the success and growth of our company and its investment. Our team is supported by committed Board of Directors and Committee Members – recognized business and community leaders with public board experience, including publicly traded REITs, who are active participants in our company strategy and key stakeholders in our success. The Royal Oak board is comprised of six directors, four of whom are elected by shareholders as Independent Directors, and two who are nominated by the asset manager - Cambridge Street Asset Management, LLC, who serve as non-Independent Directors. Cambridge Street Asset Management also serves as Royal Oak's property manager.

Executive Management Team

Daniel J. Goldstein, CPA

Chairman of Board of Directors & Chief Executive Officer

Mark T. Allen

President & Chief Development Officer

R. Stan Holland

Chief Operating Officer

Bruce E. Bender

Chief Investment Officer

Charles R. Knittle, CPA

Chief Accounting Officer

Matthew J. Zappia, CPA

Managing Director, Portfolio Management

Board of Directors

Daniel J. Goldstein, CPA

Chairman of Board of Directors & Chief Executive Officer

Charles E. Lannon

Independent Director
Chairman of Independent Directors Committee

Thomas F. Bonadio, CPA

Independent Director
Audit Committee Chairman

Edward J. Pettinella

Independent Director

E. Philip Saunders

Independent Director

William C. Green


Committee Members

Patrick C. Burke

Independent Member

Robert Moore

Independent Member

Anthony J. Tortorella

Independent Member