Property Acquisition

Ice Industries – 12th Acquisition

February 3, 2016

Royal Oak announces 12th acquisition; 2nd in Ohio.

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Archer Wire International – 11th Acquisition

January 27, 2016

Royal Oak adds 5th state to portfolio.

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Arnold Magnetic Technologies – 10th Acquisition

December 17, 2015

Royal Oak announces 10th acquisition.

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Doodle Bugs Children’s Center – 9th Acquisition

August 14, 2015

Royal Oak adds 5th NY acquisition to portfolio.

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Michigan Wheel Marine – 8th Acquisition

June 29, 2015

Royal Oak announces second acquisition in Michigan, adding 8th asset.

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Continental Structural Plastics – 7th Acquisition

December 12, 2014

Royal Oak announces 7th acquisition adding the state of Michigan to our portfolio.

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Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning – 6th Acquisition

October 15, 2014

Royal Oak announces 6th acquisition through an UPREIT.

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The Plastics Group – 5th Acquisition

July 18, 2014

Royal Oak announces 5th acquisition adding 3rd state.

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Hanil, USA – 4th Acquisition

June 5, 2014

Royal Oak announces 4th acquisition; 1st in Alabama!

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Park Enterprises – 3rd Acquisition

March 27, 2014

Royal Oak announces 3rd acquisition.

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