Investment Opportunity

6.69% Dividend Target

Royal Oak’s current annual dividend target of 6.69% ($3.78/share) is currently fully covered by Funds From Operations (FFO). FFO is a non-GAAP supplemental measure of operating performance, as defined by the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts. The dividend is paid monthly and can be taken as cash or reinvested by purchasing additional shares at a 2% discount. Dividends are not guaranteed and are paid when declared by the Board of Directors, subject to certain corporate limitations.

Consistent Tax-Sheltered Income

Royal Oak’s REIT structure permits a dividend which is tax-advantaged for many stockholders. REIT dividends are not qualified dividends; a portion of REIT dividends may be ordinary income and a portion may constitute a non-taxable return of capital for federal income tax purposes. At least 70% of Royal Oak’s dividend has been a return of capital in each of the last 4 tax years (2015-2018). A portion of the REIT dividends that are not treated as a return of capital may be taxed at a reduced effective tax rate for stockholders entitled to a deduction created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

Strong Historical Performance

In addition to consistent income in the form of a monthly dividend, Royal Oak’s share price has increased 13%, growing from $50.00 to $56.50 for shares purchased at inception (March 2014). Assuming reinvested dividends, as of May 2, 2019, initial investors have experienced a total return of 63.8% on their original investment since March 2014, with a compound annual growth rate of 9.9%.

Compelling Investment Opportunity

The opportunity to invest in Royal Oak’s common stock is available to accredited investors on a monthly basis in jurisdictions where the offer and sale are lawful. The minimum initial investment is $150,000. For those investors introduced via financial advisors, the minimum initial investment is $75,000.

Experienced Management & Governance

Royal Oak’s experienced management team has broad capabilities in real estate, finance, property management and capital raising. Governance is provided by a six-member Board of Directors, four of whom are Independent Directors elected by stockholders. The majority of Royal Oak’s Directors have public company Board experience with three members currently serving as Directors for publicly-traded REITs.

Royal Oak is a private, non-traded REIT focused on the acquisition and operation of fully occupied, mission critical, commercial real estate, net leased under long-term leases to credit-worthy tenants. Royal Oak acquires industrial and office facilities located in the Northeast, Midwest and Southeast. The net lease strategy allows Royal Oak to focus on generating consistent cash flow and to provide attractive tax-advantaged returns for our shareholders. The REIT is externally managed by Cambridge Street Asset Management LLC.

Royal Oak Investors must meet the requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for accredited investors

Should you wish to discuss Royal Oak in further detail, please reach out to one of the following individuals or complete the Contact Form below:

Mark T. Allen

President & Chief Development Officer
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Josh Foladare

Investor Relations Manager
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Rachel Square

Rachel Vail

Shareholder Services Coordinator
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Past Performance is not a guarantee of future results and the investment involves various risks including, among other things, those set forth in Royal Oak’s Private Placement Memorandum.

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