Michigan Wheel Marine – 8th Acquisition

Michigan Wheel SMALLER


1501 Buchanan Avenue, Grand Rapids, MI
Total Square Footage: 120,800
Acquired: June 29, 2015
Tenant Name: Michigan Wheel Operations, D/B/A Michigan Wheel Marine (MWO)
Guarantor: Michigan Wheel Holdings LLC

The Grand Rapids facility is a concrete block and masonry-framed structure built in 1945 that has undergone multiple renovations by MWO.  The facility serves as the MWO corporate headquarters, its sole manufacturing facility and houses mission-critical research and development operations.

As the world leader in propulsion and marine maneuverability systems for the recreational, commercial and governmental marine industries, MWO makes marine propellers for all size boats ranging from smaller recreational boats to large United States Coast Guard cutters.  MWO’s Grand Rapids facility is one of the very few manufacturers of this type in the United States.

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