Miniature Precision Components – 14th Acquisition

Minature SMALLER


100 & 820 Wisconsin St, 837 & 850 Walworth St, Walworth, WI
Total Square Footage: 228,949
Acquired: December 22, 2016
Tenant Name: Miniature Precision Components Inc. (MPC)

MPC is a Tier I supplier that provides thermoplastic components and assemblies to the automotive industry including cooling systems, sealing systems, emission and vacuum control systems, and air induction systems.  Founded in 1972, MPC started by developing, patenting and manufacturing an automotive check valve for the Ford Motor Company.  Since then, major automotive OEMs have trusted MPC to deliver in ways that make a difference in the marketplace.  MPC produces and delivers approximately 100 million components annually to its customers, and each component is meticulously monitored from design to shipment.  MPC leads the industry in cam covers produced using 100% post-consumer materials, so they can be recycled and reborn after use.  MPC has a P-zero (or zero emissions) capability throughout its business. As a best-in-class automotive supplier, MPC recognizes its duty to not just keep up with sustainability and emissions requirements, but get ahead of them.

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